Make Your Own Payment books

Our easy-to-use software makes it possible to produce payment books using your own PC and laser or dot matrix printer. Enter your customer and loan data into the screen and then print out the payment book coupons. Assemble the payment book and give it to your customer.

Here’s how we make a payment book.

If you are like most of our clients, you will see an increase in on time payments and fewer hassles over late fees.

Payment Book Creator Starter Pack (on USB Flash Drive): $149

Includes software, 1,000 payment book coupons with 100 covers and backs. (These are sufficient supplies to produce over 40 twenty-four-page payment books.)

Additional payment book coupons: $66 per 1000
Additional covers & backs: $9.50 per 100

Making your own payment books is easy and cost-effective.


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